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Bulambuli Zinule




Cantaloupe melon, Peach, Brown sugar

Last week we featured a coffee that comes from the same washing station. If you enjoyed the Naginzole, this is it’s washed counterpart. It’s quite a different expression of a Ugandan coffee, with more clean elegant flavours and hints of tropical notes coming through. The varieties are from Kenya and bare some similarities to the flavour profile, just with a much less aggressive acidity. We’re excited to showcase this origin and hope to show more coffees from there in the future.

  • FARM / MILL: Zinule
  • REGION: Bulambuli, Mt. Elgon, Uganda
  • VARIETY:: SL28, SL14, SL34
  • PROCESS: Washed
  • ALTITUDE: 2000 m.a.s.l.
  • HARVEST DATE: December 2021
  • ROAST DATE: September 2022