Don Joel

Costa Rica

Nectarine juice, Tropical fruit, Honey



4x4 tractor is driving through the beautiful mountain side of  Western Valley in Costa Rica.

This week’s subscription features an usually large bean! Allan Rodriguez has been growing Maragogype on his farm La Cumbre and we’re excited to be releasing it this week for you all to try. Maragogype is a mutation of Typica that came out of Brazil originally, its nickname is ‘Elephant bean’ due to its very distinct size. Having produced coffee for 18 years, Allan has a wealth of experience that’s evident in the lots he produces. Having been involved in each step from the farm through to the mill, his keen eye for detail has lead to producing amazing coffee.

  • Farm / Mill: La Cumbre
  • Region: Western Valley
  • Variety: Maragogype
  • Process: Yellow Honey
  • Altitude: 1600 masl
  • Harvest: March 2021

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