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El Limon Pacamara Natural




Dried apricot, Winey, Lime

El Limon Natural is the counter part to the coffee we showcased a few weeks back. Another winner from Alberto Reyes – This coffee placed 14th in this years Guatemalan Cup of Excellence, a great achievement for Beto! Due to it’s natural processing, this coffee is quite different to the washed – you’ll find more fruit flavours of dried apricot, followed by a wine like note and a subtle lime acidity.

  • Region: Palencia, Guatemala
  • Producer: Guadalupe Alberto ‘Beto’ Reyes and the Reyes family
  • Variety: Pacamara
  • Process: Natural, patio dried
  • Altitude: 1600 - 1800 masl
  • Harvest: January - April 2021