Lemon, Orange, Honey

Ana Sora is a private farm owned by second-generation coffee farmer Israel Degfa. He grew up immersed in various aspects of the coffee industry as his father was a mill manager, and his mum sold coffee to commuters in the local bus station. Because he grew up in a coffee-producing area, he greatly respects the farmers as business partners and people. Ana Sora is a relatively new farm formed in 2013 and located at a high altitude of between 1,900 and 2,350 metres above sea level in the Guji Zone in the South of Ethiopia, due East of the town of Yirgacheffe.

The altitude helps with the slower maturation of the coffee cherry, with temperatures averaging between 16-19ºC, allowing more time for the plant to develop, contributing to the super unique floral, sweet cup!

  • Region: Ana Sora, Ethiopia
  • Farm/Mill: Guji
  • Variety: Indigenous wild varietals
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1,900 - 2,350masl
  • Roast Date: August 2023