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Huai Mae Liam




Cardamom, Brown sugar, Brazil nut

We’re excited to be roasting a new origin this week, a lot from the Huai Mae Liam village in Thailand. Asor Merlaeku is the innovative producer behind this coffee, he’s bringing Huai Mae Liam into the spotlight as previously coffee from this region would have been sold under Doi Chang or larger village names. This lot is a black honey process that’s been anaerobically fermented to add complexity and sweetness to the coffee. This involves resting the cherries inside sealed bags for 5 days, then pulping the cherries to remove the outer layer and drying them on raised bamboo bed for 3 weeks. After that, they’re cured a further 4 weeks in bags until being dry milled.

  • Region:Huai Mae Liam, Chang Rai
  • Farm / Mill:Asor Merlaeku
  • Variety: Catuai, Chiang Mai, Typica
  • Process:Anaerobic Black Honey
  • Altitude:1350 masl
  • Harvest date: May 2021