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Limoncillo Red Catuai




Chocolate, Brown sugar, Apple

Finca Limoncillo is one of the farms in the Fincas Mierisch group. Owned and run by the Mierisch family, they’re always quick to point out that the success they have had - including multiple Cup Of Excellence awards - is down to the incredible team they have built up. They include experts in every part of coffee production and processing, which always shows in the consistent quality of coffees like this Red Catuai.

This large farm is situated close to Matagalpa city, but most of the full-time workers live on the farm itself. As well as coffee, around a third of the farm is left as native forest, including nine waterfalls. They even use this water supply to drive a small hydroelectric plant, which supplies about 35% of their energy needs.

  • Region: Matagalpa
  • Origin: Finca Limoncillo, Nicaragua
  • Variety: Red Catuai
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1200 masl
  • Harvest date: January 2023
  • Roast Date: June 2023