Brew & Bite

Craig Robinson always had a soft spot for great coffee. He managed coffee shops in the UK and US for eight years, learning everything he could about the craft, before opening Brew & Bite’s first location in Heaton in 2019. He opened a second location in Gosforth in 2021, and we’re thrilled that Hasbean has always been a part of their journey as wholesale coffee suppliers. 

Craig saw how the specialty coffee scene was gaining momentum and imagined opening a coffee shop that made it more accessible and welcoming. His first location was an established spot that Craig took over, so the initial challenge was winning over the community to keep regulars happy and bringing in new customers. He made small changes over time to earn trust and introduced a delicious food offering to match the passion and care that went into serving the perfect cup. 

When it came to selecting their wholesale coffee supplier, Hasbean had what Craig was after.

I did a lot of research, and Hasbean’s reputation and offering was second to none. Availability and variety were important for what I was looking to offer customers.”

Brew & Bite serves Hasbean single origins at both locations. We’ve supported their team with equipment, training and tech support, and a dedicated account team for anything else they need.  

Brew & Bite is a local neighbourhood hangout in the heart of Newcastle. It’s a much-loved speciality coffee shop and eatery, serving indulgent savoury and sweet treats with seasonal flavours. They opened just before the pandemic hit, and Craig and his team proudly served the community throughout and opened a second location. 

“Hasbean offered a personal connection that I did not get from other suppliers. The supportive approach was a big reason for choosing them. To know that it’s all taken care of is a huge weight off.”