Behmor Coffee Roasters & Makers

We've known Joe Behm (the founder of Behmor) since 2009 when we first reached out due to his crazy project to make a home roaster. We helped launch the roaster in the UK and Europe as a distributor and everything was going swimmingly. Then sadly some changes in EU law meant that the roaster had to be redesigned to fit CE standards in Europe. Jumping through those hoops has taken 8 years, but Joe and ourselves kept a very close eye on the prize of returning this great value for money home roaster to the market.

Behmor is on a mission to bring the roaster and brewer back to the coffee farmers themselves, allowing them to taste the end result of the coffee they're producing. After discovering that many of these farmers hadn’t ever tasted the end result of their hard work, he partnered with Anacafé in Guatemala to provide Behmor Customizable Drum Coffee Roasters to community co-ops and training centers, where farmers are able to roast and cup their own coffee, as well as connect and get support from one another. Using this experience to learn how their coffee tastes better with improved soil and growing conditions ultimately means farmers can charge a higher price and earn a better living from their coffee harvests.