AeroPress Brew Guide

How to brew in an AeroPress the Ozone way

The AeroPress seems like a bit of a toy at first glance. And in fact, the company behind it, Aerobie, is a frisbee manufacturer.

Pouring water into an inverted AeroPress brewer

In recent years, this gadget has proved itself as one of the most popular options among specialty coffee lovers. Ideal for those who want a barista-standard coffee at home, it makes one cup of fantastic, flavoursome coffee quickly and easily.

Basic Recipe

Method: Inverted
Coffee: 17g - Medium grind
Water: 250g - 85ºC

  1. Add water and stir for 10 seconds
  2. Steep for 30 seconds
  3. Plunge slowly
  4. Dilute with 100g of water and enjoy

Step 1

Heat the kettle to 85ºC. Once heated rinse your filter paper over your mug to warm it at the same time. Discard this water.

Step 2

Invert your Aeropress onto the scales and tare. Add 17g of medium grind coffee.

Step 3

Add 250g of 85ºC water and stir for 10 seconds.

Pouring water into an inverted AeroPress brewer

Step 4

Allow to steep for 30 seconds and then add your filter and cap to the Aeropress 

Step 5

Carefully invert the Aeropress onto your mug and plunge gently. 

Step 6

Dilute with 100g of hot water and enjoy.

Let's brew this!

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