Cold Brew Brew Guide

Cold brew has revolutionised the way we view and consume coffee the world over. While iced coffee has been around for ever, cold brew is relatively new to the industry. Providing a naturally sweet and concentrated cold coffee, it can be used like an espresso but for cold or iced drinks. Simply add some milk or cold water, or why not mix it up and add some to your favourite cocktail. 

By brewing with cold water from start to finish, the brew time needs to be longer to allow all the flavour to be extracted.

Coffees that have an abundance of sweetness are going to work well here. Also, a good espresso blend like Hodson will work wonders.


For 6 cups of diluted cold brew
100g French Press grind coffee
400ml water
Result 200ml of cold brew

For 16 cups of diluted cold brew
250g French Press grind coffee
1 Litre water
Result 500ml of cold brew


We’d recommend brewing in a French press.

  1. Add the coffee and cold water, making sure all the grounds are saturated.
  2. Place the lid on but don’t push the plunger down.
  3. Place in the fridge and leave to brew for at least 16 hours.
  4. Press down the plunger to filter out grinds, or pour through a filter.
  5. Decant into a clean vessel.
  6. To serve, add 30ml to a cup and dilute with either 120ml of water or your milk of choice.

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