Meet the team

  • Alex Walsh

    Production Manager

  • Alli Scott

    Head of Wholesale

  • Annie Renton

    Finance Manager

  • Anson Goodge

    Technical Service Manager

  • Ashleigh Banks

    Finance Systems Manager

  • Carl Moore

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Chris Glover-Price

    eCommerce Manager

  • Craig Macfarlane


  • Dale Harris


  • Dougal Gordon

    Retail Operation Manager - London

  • Ed Hughes

    Graphic Design Manager

  • Emily Graves

    Account Manager

  • Emily Roach

    Account Manager

  • Fran Newman-Day

    Graphic Design Coordinator

  • Hannah Larkin

    Customer Service Coordinator

  • Jamie Chandler

    Operations Coordinator

  • James Gurr

    Project Manager

  • Jiri Kulik

    Executive Chairman

  • Josh Mcasey

    Head Chef- Emma St

  • Katie Glover-Price

    eCommerce Administrator

  • Lizzie Gurr

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Louisa Page

    Commercial Director

  • Luke Kozesnik

    Espresso Technician

  • Maeva Duchi

    Restaurant Manager - Emma St

  • Midori Fujimoto

    Digital Manager

  • Robyn Byfield

    Head of Operations UK

  • Roland Glew

    Green Coffee Buyer

  • Rose Nicholson

    Training & Development Manager

  • Sally Evans

    Head of HR

  • Sam Scott

    Head Chef - London

  • Sia Matturi

    eCommerce Coordinator

  • Tom Gathercole

    Account Manager

  • Thomas Mills

    Head Chef- Leonard St

  • Vanessa Martin

    Head Of Wholesale

  • Zuzanna Pog

    Account Manager

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