Moka Pot Brew Guide

How to brew delicious coffee in a Moka Pot

The Moka Pot is a staple in every Italian household, delivering similar strength and texture to an espresso, but without all the fancy equipment. The Moka Pot brews coffee almost as if by magic, utilising steam pressure, created in the bottom of the vessel, to push the water up through the coffee grinds before your final brew rests in the top chamber ready for drinking.  

It is a great brewer for the espresso enthusiast or for the smaller kitchen. The Moka pot works like an espresso machine but pushes water up through the bottom rather than down through the top. Of course, it’s never quite able to produce the same pressure as an espresso machine so you end up with a coffee halfway between a traditional espresso and a cup of filter.  

The Moka Pot is great for coffee with a balanced flavour profile. The extra pressure ensures we get to enjoy all the lovely sweetness of our coffee, as well as the acidity.  


Serves 1 cup
14g of Fine Filter grind coffee
100ml of water straight off the boil
Approximate brew time is 60 seconds

Serves 2 cups
28g of Fine Filter grind coffee
200ml of water straight off the boil
Approximate brew time is 90 seconds

Serves 4 cups
56g of Fine Filter grind coffee
400ml of water straight off the boil
Approximate brew time is 2 minutes


  1. Unscrew the base and remove the metal filter.
  2. Pour boiling water into the base to just below the top.
  3. Add the coffee into the filter and gently press down to pack the coffee in.
  4. Insert filter (filled with coffee) into the base and screw top back on.
  5. Place onto a pre-heated stove top and leave to brew.
  6. Once the coffee finishes flowing out into the top chamber, it is ready to serve.

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