Meet the Reddys

A conversation with the Reddy Group about funding, investment opportunities and shared values (6 minute read).

An introduction to our business partners

Every ambitious business inevitably faces the question at some point in their journey – how shall we fund our growth? In a social media, crowd funded, entrepreneurial world the options have never been more widespread to find investment. Founders and capitalists have the luxury of choice: how hard, how fast do we want to grow? Who do we want on our winning team? How much influence do we want our capital providers to have?

From banks, to equity funders, to angel investors and the general public, each option has its benefits, risks and financial considerations; with the decision ultimately coming down to the business’s goals and strategy.

In 2016, our team of legacy founders and senior management faced this very question. How shall we fund our next stage of growth? We had previous experience with an angel investor and bank funding through local NZ relationships nurtured over years. Our goals were bigger than ever, we were in a hurry, however, we acknowledged we had some skill gaps. We needed an investment partner with complementary expertise, and we were particularly interested in improving our governance and strategic planning. We made the commitment to start exploring external investment partners – never before had we taken on investment from a third party whom ‘we didn’t know’ or have a relationship with. The decision weighed heavily - and in the words of our Managing Director at the time ‘we may lose control of the company’.

True to our deepest values, we knew it all came down to people and relationships. We embarked on a year-long journey ‘getting to know’ our new capital partners ‘Reddy Group’. What we didn’t anticipate, was just how committed Reddy Group were to applying the same ideology. We each witnessed how we could assist one another and fulfil these aligned goals by applying complementary skills and working together. Most importantly, our values were completely united – integrity, excellence, quality, sustainability, community and responsibility.

Our eventual partnership with Reddy Group in 2017 will go down in the Ozone history book as one of our most significant and positive decisions. So much so, that at a time where so many businesses have been faced with challenging questions about their future, we'd take the opportunity to introduce our majority shareholders to you, our community.

Brother and sister, Rohit and Kamini Reddy lead the Reddy Group business day to day and play an active role on the Ozone Coffee Roasters International Board. They have been instrumental in supporting us through our expansion and navigating the endless challenges of the 2020 Global Pandemic. Our partnership with Reddy Group arguably epitomises the theme of this Journal: meaningful change. We are a better company for their influence.

We hope you, our wider community, enjoy the opportunity to learn about the Reddy family and take confidence that ‘outside investment’ can be a very positive thing when the relationship is genuine, sincere, and the values aligned.

Lizzie Gurr – Director, COO Ozone Coffee Roasters International

In conversation with Kamini Reddy

Director of Reddy Group and Ozone Coffee Roasters International Board Director.

Who are the Reddy Group? What do you stand for?

We are a multi-generational family legacy that began in 1947 as a small family construction company in Suva, Fiji. Today, more than 70 years later, the Reddy Group has grown into a highly diversified global family office with strong values. The Reddy family office brings its collective governance, strategic expertise and future-focus to every relationship in our diverse and growing portfolio. Our interests are global, and we invest in a wide range of businesses, industries and assets. Our family values help frame every investment decision we make. Integrity and a clear purpose are at the heart of any relationship we enter into.

How did you come to know Ozone Coffee? What about the business attracted Reddy Group to explore a business relationship?

Ozone Coffee was introduced to us as an investment opportunity. Reddy Group really believes that it’s important to think big, have fun and do good. Hence, we loved the fact that Ozone is a company from little old New Zealand but was thinking big and global! We believed in the Ozone story and saw great synergies in the values and culture of our own organisation. We were excited by the prospect of being part of an organisation that had solid growth plans in countries we had invested in and wanted to be part of that journey. The people had huge passion and authenticity in everything they did which resonated with us.

What are you typically looking for in an investment opportunity?

Partnerships that fit with our core values of integrity, excellence, quality, responsibility and unity. For Reddy Group, investing is about enabling ordinary people to do extraordinary work. We love to back people who are passionate and have a clear purpose in what they want to achieve.

How do you think the family values on which Reddy Group are founded have shaped your direction for growth?

Our strong family values underpin everything we do. How we engage with people in our communities. How we work with our partners. How we manage our businesses. How we empower and support each other and the people within our organisation. And most importantly, our strong commitment to social responsibility and philanthropy, and supporting some of the most vulnerable people in New Zealand and in the South Pacific.

The Reddy Foundation enables meaningful change for vulnerable communities in New Zealand and the South Pacific. What does success look like?

If we can truly transform the lives of vulnerable people and improve a community’s environment - that is success! Our Foundation’s sole purpose is to make the world a better place. That is a big goal, but if we can make small positive impacts for people and communities, then we are moving in the right direction.

Creating meaningful and sustainable change can take years, how do you set goals and prioritise what’s important or what will have the most significant impact?

Our investing framework has enabled us to set goals and priorities. This can be summarised as the following:

  • Invest in our people – our core strength.
  • Ensure we have a solid balance sheet for future generations.
  • Always strive for improvement and be the best we can be.
  • Build on the relationships and capabilities of the people, partners and communities with whom we interact.
  • Enjoy the journey and continue to learn and have fun.