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Chinga Peaberry




Forest fruit, Orange, Chocolate

This week we are back in Kenya! Chinga is one of the smallest washing stations of the Othaya Farmer's Co-operative. With most producers living higher up and bringing the coffee cherries down, however, a small amount of coffee is grown at the washing station too. There are also tea plantations stretching across the land leading up to the washing station.

The collected cherries go together into batches called 'Outturn' and put through the washed process. For each Outturn, the cherries are sorted before being de-pulped and emptied into large vats filled with clean, cold water, where they ferment until the remaining mucilage comes off from the beans. Before being dried on raised beds, they get separated in a channel out. The ripe, dense beans from lower quality ones.

The cooperative is based at the Gatuyaini wet mill, just north of Othaya town. They have a cupping room with excellent QC procedures, and their latest addition is a small roastery, where they hope to develop a market for their coffee inside Kenya. Enjoy the flavour of forest fruit, juicy orange, and chocolatey body.

  • FARM / MILL:Chinga, Gatuyaini
  • REGION: Nyeri, Othaya
  • VARIETY:: Peaberry
  • PROCESS:Washed
  • ALTITUDE: 1795 masl.
  • HARVEST DATE: January 2022
  • ROAST DATE: September 2022