Mother Espresso

Wayne Lew and Jane Spindler opened Mother Espresso in Liverpool in 2018, a daytime restaurant renowned for its exceptional coffee and food. Originally focusing on tea, Wayne and Jane quickly transitioned into the world of specialty coffee, mastering the art of coffee preparation. Over the years, they developed relationships with reputable roasters, including Dale and Roland from the Hasbean team, whom they eventually chose as their wholesale supplier due to their openness, friendliness, and quality coffee.

In the early years, Wayne and Jane sought guidance from their online coffee community. "They would introduce us to the good roasters who we’d then seek out and try as many as possible to educate ourselves." As pioneers in the specialty coffee scene, Jane and Wayne were motivated by a desire for exceptional coffee in their locality. Despite the initial challenges of building a customer base and maintaining high standards, Mother Espresso has flourished into a vibrant hub for coffee enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

"We chose Hasbean because they were open and friendly with us, and they roasted good coffee. We knew Roland before he was a roaster and that’s quite cool, knowing the person who roasts your coffee." Over the years, Hasbean has been a steadfast partner, providing coffee, training, and equipment support. Typically, the shop serves a rotating selection of two Hasbean single-origin coffees—one tailored for black coffee and the other for milk-based drinks.

Their establishment embodies the spirit of the do-it-yourself movement, featuring house-made jams, pickles, ferments, kombucha, cordials, bread, and baked goods, often crafted with seasonally foraged ingredients. This culinary ethos, combined with excellent coffee, has endeared Mother Espresso to its customers, creating a unique breakfast and brunch destination.