Geeks on Sainsbury

The place of great coffee and a mean eggs benedict (1 minute read).

Geeks on Sainsbury is an 80-seater café in Morningside. Above their barista station and kitchen are prominent signs with ‘Coffee Geeks’ and ‘Kitchen Geeks’, proudly showing their enthusiasm for great coffee and café food. We had a chat to Kina, who purchased the café 2017.

What’s important for you when it comes to coffee?

First and foremost, it’s taste. Our baristas are very focused on quality and consistency and it’s something we’re known for. I find people are happy and relaxed after they’ve had a delicious coffee!

What do your customers love about Geeks on Sainsbury?

Probably our customer service. We strive to make everyone happy and treat them like family. During the first lockdown, we had many of our regulars reach out and check in on us via social media. We’ve always seen ourselves as local home for everyone.

What did you do before you owned geeks?

Geeks is my first hospitality business; I’d never so much as waited a table before here! Before I purchased the café, I thought it’d be very easy – I’d bring my laptop and do work while keeping as eye on the café. But I was very wrong. I’m thankful for my amazing team who are very passionate about hospitality and have taught me along the way.

What is something a first-time customer has to try?

Our famous eggs benedict. We serve our eggs on layered potato and perfect hollandaise sauce. And the coffee of course!